Blog for 1/24

January 24, 2012

While reading about the Syphilis Study in Tuskegee, I found some things that are believed to be unethical. Poor black men were not being treated for syphilis and ended up dying. Not only did the ones who had it suffer, but also their families who had to watch them go through it without getting any treatment. Today, their are still some families receiving benefits to try and make up for this harsh time. Even though this is happening, the families are still left with the trauma these men caused. Syphilis Test in Guatemala is a different story. The men who had syphilis were infected with it on purpose. They were mostly inmates and mentally ill people who received this but someone gave them the infection and then tried to give them an antibiotic.They were trying to come up with penicillin to stop the syphilis. Sometimes the medicine would cause the syphilis to go away but not for good, it would always come back. As a cause of this medication, some started to become more sick and die more often. Today, people are still apologizing for what happened then and giving benefits to all the families involved. Both of these stories are unethical because they are using other peoples life to invent something new. In Tuskegee only poor black men were punished and killed through this operation and that was too much as is. In Guatemala, it was a lot of people. They should be giving benefits to all the families that were involved because that caused a lot of people trauma for the rest of their lives.

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