Why Place Matters

January 30, 2012

While reading this article, I found a lot of different reasons why it matters where you live. The four main categories are social, economic, physical, and services. Social matters because what you are surrounded by can help contribute to how you live your life. The more people you are around that eat a lot, you are going to want to eat more too. This might cause serious health problems such as becoming obese and other serious illnesses. Also, if you are around people who do not take care of themselves then you will less likely take care of your own self. Basically, who surrounds you and what they are doing contributes to your health factors. Economic matters because depending on where you live, there might be a lot of banks, buildings, or grocery stores that provide things that you need to survive more than just some store on the corner. These economic places support you and try to help you to live a better life. Physical problems are also a major part in your wellness. Being in buildings and homes that are dusty and have pollution in the air is not good for your health. You need to have fresh air that is always there no matter where you go. The three main physical things you need are air,water, and land. These three things help you to survive, so they need to be fresh and clean. The last main thing to worry about is services. Services include parks, recreation places, and just open space where people and exercise and stay healthy. If their is a lack of any of these four main categories then your health could be in danger. As you can see,  where you are matters, it is a big factor in keeping yourself healthy and able to do everyday things.

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