In Class Discussion

February 7, 2012

In class we watched the video “It’s not just a Paycheck.” This video really impacted me and made me realize that people depend on their paycheck and plan every week what they will do with it. When someone is fired or let go, they lose that paycheck and it causes them to struggle and not be able to pay bills or buy food. While watching this and hearing the stories that went along with it really concerned me and made me wonder what happens when the money runs out completely. Some people become homeless and lose everything, and what about their children who suffer because the economy cannot afford to pay their parents anymore. Also, when you think about it, why does the government just lower their paycheck and still give them hope instead of taking it away completely. I really think just firing someone and cutting of all kinds of money is a little too much. Do they not know that people need those checks every month to feed themselves and their family. The people who get paid and waste their money on alcohol and stuff they do not need, need to realize that there are people in this world who have nothing and are left with nothing at the end of the day. This video just really made me think that they might not be able to buy food, or medical things that will take care of themselves. When they get sick they are not going to be able to pay for medical care and this will cause more and more people to die and become unhealthy. It is not just a paycheck, it is something people look forward to that makes their life ten times better than it is without any money. It keeps a roof over their heads and gives them a reason for living.

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