Oral History

February 7, 2012


I did my Oral History search on denistry I picked this because it is interesting to know where bad teeth come from and how you can prevent such things from happening. HSCI did this project to further inform people of their teeth and how to keep them clean and healthy. I think the audience they were trying to inform was all ages. Everyone needs to know about their teeth and what kinds of illnesses can come from it. While listening to this oral history documents, it really informed me on my teeth and how to take care of them. Most people do not realize that sometimes just brushing them two times a day is not enough. You need to be able to floss, mouthwash, and any other things that would cause a better and healthier smile. Their were some words in this oral history project that I did not understand and it would have been better if they explained it further. Most people brush their teeth for a bright white smile and to prevent tooth decay. Brushing teeth was invented in one culture and just kept moving to more and more. This Oral History also just describes what life what like in B.C and what the precautions were to keep a safe and healthy smile. One thing that caught my eye was some people would say to eat a mouse twice a month to prevent tooth ache. If someone were to be told that today, people would think they are crazy and not know where this was coming from. After hearing this Oral History on dentistry, I feel more informed and ready to learn more and more and keep a clean and healthy smile. Some might want to further investigate on teeth cleaning for present day and see the difference.

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