February 15, 2012


While interviewing my person about health care, I was informed that her mother had diabetes and how it affects her whole family. Diabetes is something that people look over as not being so serious but in reality it is. My interviewee`s family is suffering through many things and diabetes is one of the main ones. Diabetes is something everyone should be informed about. JDRF is an organization that raises money to try to find a cure for diabetes. It is an amazing organization and I am proud to say that I have recently been involved.

One comment

  1. My mom had diabetes. She got cured of it. The way she did it was through a very strict diet and exercise. She lost a lot of weight and now can eat whatever. She doesn’t though because she made the diet her new lifestyle. Her blood is completely fine. Diabetes basically means your body stops creating insulin. Most people just inject insulin but the best way is to take drugs that help your pancreas produce it and eat healthy. If you do this, you can get your body back on track. I know this from personal experience with my mother. The problem is most people use the strait insulin, and their body quits producing it all together. Sooner or later you end up dying because the number it does on your heart. However, there does need to be an official cure for those born with the disease.

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