February 15, 2012

I have done a lot so far in this class this year. Some things like blogs, written assignments, videos, and reading. All these things have taught me so much about healthcare and what I can do to keep myself healthy. The blogs really get me thinking and that helps me understand more. The written assignments help me write down what I am thinking and helps me become a better writer to my new audience. While watching the videos in class, I really get a better perspective on the world around us and what is really going on out there. The readings give more information about what we learned about in class and gives me a better understanding. Everything we have done in this english class so far has really helped me get involvedĀ and made me want to learn more. Some things I could do better at are the blogs. I try to just cram a lot of information into a little space and that is all I think about. I need to focus more on what I`m writing about and how it affects not only me but the people around me also. All these things helped me gather information about my project on how I can make it better and more informative for my listeners. Something I would change if I could do it all over again is to do my interview earlier so I could have more time to have it done.

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