Research Proposal

February 23, 2012

My research proposal for this project is about divorce and how it affects kids all around. My initial research question would be how does divorce not only affect the parents, but also the kids? I chose this topic because my parents got divorced when I was young and it really affected me. I had to move in with one parent and talk to the other one on occasions. This topic is serious to me because it changed my whole childhood and I believe I have grown up differently because of it. It will interest this community because there are a high percentage of divorces all around the country. Fifty percent is the high right now. To think that people get married and get divorced soon after and it is very upsetting to hear. Also, when there are children involved it just makes things ten times worse because not only do the parents have to go through it but also the children as well. Some things I know about divorce is that they are a tricky subjects. There are many reasons why one might get a divorce and the problems it causes during it. I also know, from personal experiences that before people get a divorce they usually fight and yell at each other all the time. They also put tension in the house that causes everyone around them to feel down and upset because the people they love are fighting and bickering. Things I would like to know about this subject are the main reasons for divorce, how the children are affected, and what kinds of people get divorce and so on. What I mean by what kinds of people is: are they wealthy in the highest class, in the middle class or in the lowest class meaning poor and not living the best to their ability. The reason that this might be helpful is because divorce costs money, and if you do not have money for it, then it will be hard to pay for it. Also, some things that I have heard in the past, is the people with the most problems have a better connection because they have to stick together and help each other out. Wealthy people usually do not have to worry about bills or how they are going to survive that month because they do have money and they can afford things to make them happier. Sometimes that is just not enough and divorce comes up. Another idea that might cause divorce is the stress people have on their job. The more people feel the need to be at the job all the time or working on it from home will put stress on the relationship and cause problems. My topic proposal is not just for the community to see how it affects people, but also for me to have a better understanding of why people do it and how people can overcome it. I also want to know the children’s perspective on the subject and what they think about it and how it affects them.

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