Annotation #1

April 23, 2012

Annotated Bibliography

Temke, Mary W. The Effects of Divorce on Children. New Hampshire: University of New Hampshire, 2008. Print.


Mary W. Temke writes about the effects divorce has on children. Temke tells us that the main factors that contribute to whether or not the child will handle the divorce well are age, gender, and personality. Mary W. Temke informs the audience that depending on how young or old the child is can have a major impact on the way he/she will react. Infants do not have the ability to understand what is going on but they can sense a change in the “mood” around the house and the “energy that follows.” If an infant were to start throwing up or crying more often, then we would know that something is wrong and studies have been shown that divorce can cause this. Children who are between the ages of “three and five” have a harder time dealing with divorce because they believe in some way they might be accountable for what is happening. Children, during this age also act out more because they want attention from both parents and it would cause more of a problem if one were to leave. Teens are a little bit different when it comes to divorce. They are older and have a better way of keeping it in. The major problem with teens holding in their emotions is that it could cause depression, or cause the teen to do things they normally would not do in a fully functioned family. Gender is also something to look out when it comes to how the child is affected.  Temke shows us that researches believe when a young boy lives with his father or a young girl lives with their mother, they are more likely to be more mature and stay out of trouble. If the children were raised by the opposite sex, then there would not be as much stability as one would like to see in a family. Even when it is not based on these things, children need a safe place and loving parents to surround them during a time of divorce. Parents need to make sure they keep their child in a healthy home and secure surroundings. Also, Temke writes about how some parents think of their children as someone to keep them company, but they are way more than just that. Parents need to know that they need to “take care yourself so you can take care of your children!” Also, keep family members, and close relatives near so you can always have someone who you can rely on when you are in a crisis or time of need.



This article describes so many different ideas on how divorce affects children. Not just how it affects them but at what age and gender and why. This article shows that children know when something is wrong and it hurts them that they can do nothing about it. Also, knowing how the parents should react and deal with a divorce is a serious thing to know. Parents are not the only ones going through a divorce. If they have children, then the children are being hurt as well and most people do not take that into consideration. Having a support system surrounding you helps in so many ways and gives the parents extra hands when they need them.



This article will be good for my paper because it shows the reasons why children act out and why. It also gives me a lot of information on how adults should act during a divorce if they have children. This source will also be helpful because it gives me ages, and gender statistics. This article is not that long but it does give me a lot of information and it will be easier for my readers to understand and word with. While writing my paper with this source, I will have statistics, answers for parents and knowledgeable information because this is from the University of New Hampshire.

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