Annotations #2

April 23, 2012

Nasif, Greg. “Your Parent`s Divorce: Not Worth Your Time.” The University of Maryland`s Independent Daily Student Newspaper. Diamondback Online. 17 June 2011. Web. 18 March 2012.

Direct Link: http://www.diamondbackonline.com/opinion/your-parents-divorce-not-worth-your-time-1.2414168#.T3oKJKtrPK1



Greg Nassif writes about the difficulty of divorce from a college student’s perspective. College is a big deal and is not an easy thing to accomplish at all. If you add your parents arguing all the time and talking about getting a divorce, it makes it a lot harder. Nassif teaches us about the “golden rule” in divorce. “College is tough enough as it is, and although it’s a time when you may need your parents most, if they are going through a divorce, they are distracted with their own problems and oftentimes use you as a pawn in their Holy War” (Nasif, 2011). This is the part where the child understands that they are not a part of it. They should not have to deal with the parents decisions about divorce. It is hard enough that the child will be separated from one parent, but to drag the child down with them is not right. No child should have to be involved in any part of the divorce no matter what. If parents keep putting their children in the middle of their battles with their spouse, it will only make things worse for the children. It puts pressure on the child to make them feel like they need to pick or a side or rat the other parent out when they do something that is not appropriate. Nassif also writes that many children hear the same thing over and over again, “it`s not your fault.” Many children do understand that, and hearing it just makes them think about that being the reason. Nassif`s main goal was to inform the college students that their divorce is their fault and the children need to start focusing on their selves and make their own way in life.



This article was really informative. Divorce happens to children on all ages and most of the time the children believe it to be their fault. They need to understand that it is their parents mistake, not theirs, and they need to move on with their life. Hopefully they can develop a love that lasts longer than theirs but first thing is first, MOVE ON. Also, Nassif`s article is from his point of view, someone who has experienced divorce first hand and knows how to deal with it. I think that part really proves his argument that parents should not put pressure on the child because they have enough to deal with as is.



I love this article. I am a college student and my parents have gone through a divorce so it really gives me a different perspective to look at. This article helps me understand what I should have done at a younger age and what I should be doing now. This article will help my topic because it will increase my audience to even more people and give them different ways to view the divorce. Also, it will help college students understand that the divorce has nothing to do with them.

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