April 23, 2012

I have multiple perspectives for my project.  I have counselors, parents, children, teachers, and my own view. I used counselors in my project because they can show how children are affected and ways they can help out. Parents are the ones dealing with the divorce so of course they have a say in it. I want some of their opinions on there because it will show that they are more worried about them and how it will affect them. Instead of worrying about the children and how it is going to affect them. I chose children of course because they are the main reason why I am doing this project. Their opinion matters most to me and I really want to show everyone who watches it all the consequences. Teachers are in there because they see a change in the child and no something is going on with them. Sometimes they do not know the main reason for sure but then when the children confines in them they realize that it is really important. I put my own story in there because it will help people understand that I have been through it and that in some ways I know what I am talking about.

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